Update Your Weave Billing Information

Change or update the billing information for your Weave subscription with ease through the Weave portal.

Weave Portal Weave App (beta)

Add a Payment Method:

  1. Login to the Weave Portal

  2. Select Settings.svg Account in the left navigation menu

  3. Click Billing in the dropdown

  4. Select the + Plus icon on the right side

  5. Update your payment information by filling out the fields:

    • Payment Type

    • Card/Account Holder

    • Card/Account Number

    • CVV

    • Zip

    • Expiration Date

  6. Select Submit

Choose Your Primary Card

  1. Click the Carrot_Down.svg down arrow next to Payment Methods

  2. Toggle on TOGGLEGIF.gif Make Primary Payment Method

Note: If another card is designated as the primary payment method, its toggle will automatically change.

Delete a Payment Method:

  1. Click the Carrot_Down.svg down arrow next to the payment info

  2. Select Delete Payment Method

Note: To delete a payment method on file, you must have another payment method marked as primary.

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