Turn On Text or Email Notifications for Voicemail

Listen to both general and personal voicemails remotely turning on notifications sent through text or email.

To do this: 

  1. Go to the Weave Portal 
  2. Select Phone.svg Phone
  3. Select Voicemail Boxes
  4. Choose the voicemail box you want to be able to access remotely
  5. Toggle on Notifications and add a preferred email and phone number
  6. Select Save

Tip: You can add multiple email addresses and phone numbers to receive notifications from each voicemail box by clicking the Add button.

Once you have signed up for Voicemail Notifications you will be sent a notification that a new message has been left.

Clicking on the hyperlink in the email or text will take you to a HIPAA secure link where you will log in to your Weave Portal with your username and password. From here you can listen to your voicemail messages or read the transcription.

Tip: See Set Up Voicemail > Optional Customizations to explore other customizations you can do with voicemail. 

Note: If you aren't receiving voicemail notifications, make sure all the email addresses and phone numbers are valid.

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