New to Weave? Follow this Onboarding Checklist for Admins to get started with Weave.

Note: Some steps may be marked with Weave Plus or Weave Core to indicate that it is only needed for that plan. Identify your product bundle.

Onboarding-Email-Illustrations-1.png Network Health Check

Onboarding-Email-Illustrations-2.png Software Installation/Configuration

Onboarding-Email-Illustrations-3.png Phone Routing & Installation

Onboarding-Email-Illustrations-4.png Phone Number Porting

  • Your Onboarding Manager will assist you with submitting a porting request for your preferred date when Weave will become your new phone provider. 
  • Prepare your business for the transition to Weave's phone services by ensuring that your phone and fax lines are NOT tied to an alarm system, credit card processor, or internet service. Do not cancel services with your previous provider until after the phone transition is complete. 
  • See Frequently Asked Questions

Your Onboarding Resources

  • Reach out to your dedicated Onboarding Manager for help with any questions or concerns.
  • Get step-by-step instructions and quick answers to your product questions here on WeaveHelp.
  • Boost your knowledge and confidence and get Weave certified through Weave Training Camp.
  • Dive deeper into Weave features in our monthly, live Weave Labs Webinars. You'll receive invitations via email.
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