WeavePlus Onboarding Checklist

New to Weave? Follow this Onboarding Checklist for Admins to get started with Weave.

Note: This checklist is for customers who signed up for our WeavePlus bundle. For our WeaveCore Onboarding Checklist, click here.

Alert_Invert.svg Technical Preparation

Prepare your network for your new Weave Phones

Prepare to install your Weave Phones by doing the following:

  1. Verify your ethernet port availability. Each phone needs access to a nearby ethernet port for internet connection. One Weave phone can share an ethernet port with a single computer if needed.
  2. Make the necessary network changes provided by Weave before your phones get installed. This may include configuring or updating your router, addressing latency issues, or bridging your modem to your router.

Contact your Onboarding Manager if you have further questions.

Review Software Requirements for installation
Before installing the software, make sure that your computers meet our software requirements.
Prepare for porting your phone numbers to Weave
Weave will become your new phone provider. Work with your Onboarding Manager to get your phone numbers ported over to Weave. Make sure your phone numbers are ready for the transfer by ensuring they are NOT tied to:

  • Credit Card Machines
  • Alarm Systems
  • Internet Service
  • any other services

Contact your Onboarding Manager if you have further questions.

Send.svg Getting Started

Settings.svg Software Setup

  • Sync your Practice Management Software Data
    Your Onboarding Manager will help you get your Practice Management Software synced to Weave.
  • Set up Payments Account
    To use Text to Pay or any of our Payments features, you will first need to set up your Payments Account with Stripe.
  • Set up Weave Reviews (Premium Feature)
    To start collecting Reviews with Weave, you will need to connect your Google and/or Facebook Business accounts to Weave.
  • Set up Auto Reminders
    Customize and enable your Auto Reminders. The availability of certain Auto Reminders depends on your Practice Management Software.

Phone_Call.svg Customize Your Phone System 

Phone customizations are only applicable for customers who purchased the Weave phones.

  • Set Office Hours
    The Office Hours setting controls when your phones will ring and when specific Voicemail Greetings will be played.
  • Set Up Voicemail
    Follow these instructions to record your voicemail greetings and set up your Voicemail.
  • Call Recording
    If desired, you can choose to turn on call recording to record your calls on your Weave phones. Be sure to check the call recording laws in the state your business is located.
  • Set up Missed Call Text (Premium Feature)
    Customize your Missed Call Text messages and toggle them on to prepare for going live.
  • Request Additional Phone Customizations
    Your Onboarding Manager will help you customize your phone system to your preferences. For ideas, visit our Phone Customizations article.

Award.svg Training (Weave Academy)

  • Practice Using Your New Phones
    The best time to learn how to use your new phones is after your phones are installed, but before the phone system is live. Take this course to practice with your new phones.
  • Getting the Most Out of Weave 
    Once everything is set up, learn how to use Weave with our collection of courses designed to help you get the most out of Weave.

Plus.svgAdditional Product Setup

Web Assistant 

If you signed up for Web Assistant, you will need to set this up in your Weave Portal before posting it on your website.

Setup Instructions Learn More
Digital Forms 
If you signed up for Digital Forms, you will need to build your Forms and add your business information in your Digital Forms Dashboard.

Setup Instructions Learn More
Payment Terminals 
If you signed up for our Weave Payment Terminals, you will need to set them up in order to start collecting in-office payments.

Setup Instructions Learn More
Practice Analytics

If you purchased Practice Analytics, you will want to work closely with your Onboarding Manager to ensure we are pulling in your data correctly.

Learn More
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