The call queue feature is a great way to manage the incoming calls from patients, clients, or customers. 

In order to add a Call Queue to your Weave experience, fill out this form. Once that is completed, a support agent will reach out to finalize your queue in 1-3 business days.  

How Can Call Queues Help My Office?

If your employees find themselves experiencing an overwhelming rate of calls, voicemails, or parked calls, call queues can help you reduce the number of missed calls by answering them in an orderly manner.

Call queues also have features to ensure a better experience for your agents. 

After Call Work Time allows 5 seconds after hanging up a call to regroup before the next one comes into their phone. 

By Rejecting a Call, agents ensure their phone will not receive another call for the queue for 60 seconds. The call will reroute to another agent. 

Agents can select Do Not Disturb to take a break and stop receiving calls. This is great for lunch breaks and in-office meetings.

How Can I Start Using Call Queues?

Fill out this form to start the process of getting your call queues set up. Once that is completed, a support agent will reach out to finalize your queue in 1-3 business days.

Before you fill out the form, take a second to familiarize yourself with the options for Call Queues found in the section below.

This is a temporary solution that will be changed with upcoming updates.

How Do I Edit My Call Queues? 

After your queue has been created by a Weave representative, you can make edits through the Weave Portal

  1. Head to the Weave Portal and select Phone.svg Phone in the left side menu
  2. Click Call Queues from the dropdown menu 
  3. You’ll see the name of the queue you set up with support. Click into the queue

Here you can make changes to the call queue to affect how it works and what the callers experience. The features you can customize include: 

  • The name of the call queue
  • Routing options
    • Choose between allowing all phones to ring at the same time with an incoming call or just the single phone that has been idle for the most amount of time
  • Devices assigned to the queue
    • Choose which phones will operate on this queue from a pop-up window (up to 20)
    • If you have the option of Main Line or Departments in the left navigation of the Phones section in the Weave Portal, you may also assign Call Queues there
  • Greeting as a caller enters the queue 
    • Upload a recorded greeting for your callers or select one from the dropdown menu
  • Allowing an escape option from the queue 
    • Choose whether callers can press 0 to go to your fallback option (usually voicemail) that is set by Weave
  • Hold music 
    • Choose your preferred hold music from a drop-down list
  • If and how often you want the caller to hear their position in line with the position announcement
    • When you decide to have a caller's position announced, you can choose for the first announcement to occur immediately to within the first minute and the following announcements to occur anywhere between every 30 seconds to 10 minutes
  • Maximum caller hold time 
    • Choose how long a caller can be on hold before they will be sent to the fallback option

When you are finished making changes, make sure to press Save.

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