Your Management System and Digital Forms

Learn how information from Digital Forms automatically transfers to integrated Practice Management Softwares.

This is an add on feature and may not be a part of your current Weave software. Click here to learn about getting Digital Forms for your office.

Additional Functionality for Integrations

Weave’s Digital Forms product is available to all Weave customers, making it easier than ever to collect important customer information.

This product also integrates with certain Practice Management Softwares for automated writeback functionality. Writebacks allow Weave to transfer the information your customers fill out in your form directly to your Practice Management Software.

Does my Practice Management Software integrate with Digital Forms?

Weave’s Digital Forms product currently integrates with the following Practice Management Softwares:

  • Open Dental (All versions)
  • Dentrix (v. 7+)
  • Eaglesoft (v. 18+)

The information Weave can transfer to your Practice Management Software is dependent on which software you use.

Authorize Writebacks for Digital Forms

The writeback settings determine what information is synced into your management system. You can choose whether to have certain information writeback automatically or manually.

  1. Select Settings.svg Settings from the menu on the left
  2. Select Writebacks 
  3. Choose how you would like the information synced using the dropdown next to each option
  4. Click Authorize to enable writebacks for digital forms

This will automatically save and can be changed at any time.

Once you authorize writebacks, you will have the option to configure different types of writebacks to occur automatically or not at all. New Patient Creation will create a new patient record in your management system. Update Existing Patient Records recognizes a returning patient and updates their record. Medical History Writebacks (OpenDental only) offer the ability to update records with allergy, medical conditions, and medication information. PDF document writebacks provide a full PDFs of completed forms in your management software's document system.

What information writes back to my management system?

When a customer fills out one of your forms, certain information will record to your Practice Management Software, updating the customer’s record. 

The chart below illustrates which information is transferred to your Practice Management Software from Weave:

  OpenDental Dentrix G7+ Eaglesoft 18+

First Name

Last Name
Preferred Name
Date of Birth
Marital Status
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Postal Code
Mobile Phone
Home Phone
Work Phone
Driver License Number
Social Security Number
Primary Insurance Information
Secondary Insurance Information
PDF Document Writebacks ✅ (Find in the Image Module in the medical history folder) ✅ (Only G7+, Find in the Document Center) ✅ (Find in Smartdoc)
Medical Conditions
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