Management Systems Compatible with WeavePlus

Overview of management systems that are compatible with WeavePlus.

Weave can work with any management system you provide, even if it is an excel spreadsheet! However, Weave does not work the same across every system (see Your Practice Management System and Weave).

Given that all management systems will work with WeaveCore, we have not given a full list of providers here. Yet, more Weave functionality is available for specific management systems. Below are the current management systems enabled for more WeavePlus compatibility.

Tip: See Identify Your Product Bundle to verify what Bundle of Weave your office has.

Note: WeavePlus does not work the exact same way across each of these systems. For capabilities available to your office, please talk with a member of our Customer Success Team.

Management Systems Compatible with WeavePlus

Select a vertical below to view compatible management systems with WeavePlus:

Dental/Ortho Optometry Veterinary Medical/Specialty


  • Cloud9Ortho
  • CurveDental
  • Dentimax version 18+
  • Dentrix Canada
  • Dentrix G3-G6.2-7
  • Dolphin
  • Eaglesoft 15 - 21
  • Eaglesoft Insight
  • Easy Dental - Dentrix
  • Eddson
  • MacPractice DDS
  • Oasys
  • OpenDental
  • Ortho2 Viewpoint
  • OrthoTrac Server
  • PracticeWeb
  • PracticeWorks 7
  • Softdent 14-19
  • WinOMS Server

I don’t see my management software, does that mean I can’t get Weave?

The core functionality of Weave can work with any management system you provide. Even if it is an excel spreadsheet! Review more about Weave Bundles in Your Management Software and Weave.

If you don’t see your system in the list above, know that you can still enjoy WeaveCore with all the key functionality. Thousands of successful businesses use WeaveCore daily.

You can submit a request to our Product Team to have your practice management system prioritized for WeavePlus capability. Use the button below to submit your request, and we’ll notify you if your system comes online for WeavePlus functionality in the future.

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