What's New - September 2021

Updates to Your Weave Login

You may have noticed that logging into Weave on the admin portal, desktop app, and mobile app looks a little different. 


We have a clean, new look for logging in, adding new users and resetting passwords to enhance your experience.

You'll click Sign In and be redirected to a portal to enter your credentials and log in. The new window will close and you can continue into your Weave account. You don't need to create a new password.

These changes provide more than a clean, new look. They also come with:

  • Increased reliability
  • Additional security features like two-factor authorization and customizable password settings
  • Additional user settings that allow you to customize your business's password requirements
  • Email notifications whenever you log in on a new device

Here's what those emails will look like: 


So don’t worry - Weave’s got you covered. Enjoy our fresh, new look and enhanced security.

Learn more about Logging in. 

Pet Profile Page

Vet offices can now see information about pets on client's household and profile pages in Weave. You'll see this information in the Patients icon on the Desktop and Mobile app as well as in the Call Pop notifications. 

Learn more

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