Your Management System and Weave

Learn about the relationship between Weave and your management software.

Your Management System and Weave

There are many management systems that Weave works with to help businesses communicate with their customers. Your management system is likely a flavor of one of these:

  • Practice Management Software (PMS)
  • Electronic Health Record System (EHR)
  • Customer Relationship Manager System (CRM)
  • Fields Service Management System (FSM)

While each management system is different, Weave can help. That said, the Weave functionality available to you depends on the management system that you use.

Does My System Integrate with Weave?

Weave can work with any management system you provide, even if it is an excel spreadsheet! But, Weave does not work the same across every management system. Often you might hear the word “integration” when talking about this topic, so let’s look at that term in more detail.

Integration - what it actually means

Weave either integrates with your system or not, right? ….Wrong! It is easy to think that in order for Weave to work with your management system it requires an “integration”, but that isn’t true. While Weave might not have a direct integration with your management system, you can easily add your customers to Weave to get the most out of our key functionality. Let’s look at the two ways below:

WeaveCore: Upload profiles to Weave

No matter what your management system is, you can use Weave. You can export customer or patient profile information from your management system and then upload it to Weave via CSV Upload. This will allow you to use all Weave’s core functionality such as Two-way Texting, Reviews, Text to Pay, and more. WeaveCore allows you to communicate and engage with the people who have profiles in your management system.

WeavePlus: Data synchronization for additional functionality

There are specific management systems that Weave can pull more details from such as upcoming scheduled appointments. For these systems, Weave can do this without requiring the CSV upload. Because of this connection, Weave can offer offices with these systems more features such as the Schedule App and Auto Reminders. This is because Weave is able to synchronize with the more in-depth information housed in the practice management system. 

Weave Bundles

Currently, there are two Weave bundles available depending on your practice management system:

WeaveCore WeavePlus

Below is a high-level overview of the products in these bundles.

Tip: If your office has Weave, follow these steps to identify your product bundle inside of Weave.

WeaveCore WeavePlus


Available regardless of management system

Additional Bundles

  • WeaveCore (software only): includes the software features in WeaveCore, but without the phone system
  • WeavePlus (software only): includes the software features in WeavePlus, but without the phone system
  • Phone Service Only: Only includes the Weave phone system - no software functionality

Tip: If you currently have WeaveCore but want to explore what systems would work best with WeavePlus, please contact a member of our sales team.

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