Add Your Legal Information to Digital Forms

Instructions to add your legal information to your Digital Forms Dashboard.

This is an add on feature and may not be a part of your current Weave software. Click here to learn about getting Digital Forms for your office. 

Legal Information

You can add your Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions to your Digital Forms Dashboard. Your customers can access this information when filling out one of your forms.

Adding Legal Information

  1. Select Legal at the top of your Digital Forms Dashboard

  2. Click on the edit  icon Screen_Shot_2021-07-02_at_2.58.55_PM.png next to the legal document you wish to edit

  3. Add the desired information

    Tip: You can copy and paste information from another document if you already have this legal information documented somewhere.

  4. Click Update 


The links to your Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions appear at the bottom of the form when opened by your customers.


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