Add Advanced Filters to Appointment Reminders

Weave's Advanced Appointment Filters allow you to filter your appointment reminders by:

  • Appointment Type
  • Provider
  • Location
  • Operatory

The availability of this feature is dependent on your practice management software.

Tip: An Operatory is also called a Resource in some practice management softwares. It might be a room, special equipment, or even a provider in some instances. Be sure to check the operatory field to see which fields are being imported.

  1. In the desktop app, click the Hamburger Menu icon in the top right corner
  2. Click Settings.svg Settings
  3. Select Auto-Reminders 
  4. Click Appointment Reminders
  5. Add a new reminder or hover over an existing reminder to Edit.svg edit, Copy.svg duplicate, or Delete.svg delete
  6. Confirm or set your reminder name and time you want the reminder to be sent
  7. Click Next to advance to the next screen
  8. Set the type of reminder (SMS or Email)
  9. Choose your audience 
  10. Select the Advanced Filters you want to apply to this reminder

If your bundle includes Digital Forms, you may also attach a form to auto reminders. Learn how.

Note: Auto reminders will only be sent to new customers once they have been synced from your practice management system.


Here are a few examples on how you can integrate advanced filters into your everyday workflow.

Tip: Duplicate one of your regular reminders to make setup easy for new patient reminders. Just add the advanced filter to your duplicate reminder.

Create a specific appointment reminder for new patients

Some offices may want to send a customized reminder to new patients coming in for their first appointment. Here is an example of how to use the Advance Filters to do this:

  1. Select Appointment Type from the Advanced Filters
  2. Select your new patient appointment types from the available options synced from your practice management software and select save
  3. Advance to your text template to customize your message for your new patients. 
  4. Scroll down to preview your message and select Next

Tip: For a new patient reminder, you may want to use the "Time Early" variable if you want them to come in 15 minutes early.

Exclude an operatory/resource from the appointment reminder

It is common for some offices to use an operatory or resource column on their schedule for no-shows or walk-ins so they don’t want patients that are in that column on their schedule to receive a reminder. This is a good example of how you can use the Advanced Filters to exclude certain patients from receiving an automated appointment reminder.

  1. Select Operatory from the Advanced Filters
  2. Select the Operatory you want to exclude from receiving a reminder
  3. Toggle on Exclude Options
  4. Select Save

Send an appointment reminder from a specific provider

In some instances you may want to set up a reminder letting the patient know who their appointment is with. Or, you may want to create a post-op message to go out after an appointment with a specific provider. These are some examples of how you can use your Advanced Filters to do this.

  1. Select Provider from the Advanced Filters
  2. Select the Provider you want this reminder to be from
  3. Click Save
  4. Advance to your text template to customize your message for this provider. This is a great way to let the patient know who they are scheduled with or to send a post-op message from a specific provider.
  5. Scroll down to preview the message and select Next

Filter by location

If your office has multiple locations, you may want to let your customers know which location their appointment is scheduled at.

  1. Select Location from the Advanced Filters

  2. Select the location you want this reminder to be from
  3. Advance to the text template to customize your message for this location. Customize this message to include an address or any other details.
  4. Select Save



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