The Message Queue Dashboard in your Weave Portal allows you to further drill down and view the status of your Automated Messages. Follow these steps to view your Message Queue.

The availability of this feature is dependent on your practice management software.

Access the Message Queue


  1. Open the Weave Portal and select Message.svg Messages from the left navigation menu
  2. Click Message Queue in the dropdown

Desktop App

  1. Click on the Blue_Schedule.svg Schedule icon from your desktop app
  2. Click on Automated_Messages.svg Queue at the bottom of your schedule to be taken to your Messages Queue Dashboard located in your Weave Portal

Use the dropdown in the top left corner to select your time period (this week, next 7 days, last 7 days, last 30 days, or a custom date range), and see a summary of those messages. You can access data up to a year ago and 4 weeks in the future. Data may not be available before August 8, 2023.

Message Statuses

  • Not Sent: The Weave software determined this message should not be sent. This may be due to user actions or SMS industry regulations.
  • Delivered: The message was sent to our SMS providers.
  • Error: While trying to send the message, Weave encountered an error. This may have been an internal error related to data inconsistencies or an error from the SMS provider.
  • Invalid Destination: The phone number is not a textable number.
  • Scheduled: The message has been scheduled, but not yet sent.
  • Opted Out: The message wasn’t sent due to the contact being opted out of automated messages by responding STOP to a previous message.

Customize your view by using the Filter Columns.svg Filter Columns button. Update the data by refreshing your browser or using the Update.svg refresh button.


In your Message Queue dashboard, you can search and Filter-Alt.svg filter your results by the following: 

  • Status: Use the dropdown arrow to filter by all, delivered, appointment moved, opted out, missing contact info, pending, sending, or error
  • Reminder Type: Use the dropdown arrow to filter by all, appointment, birthday, recall, order (eyewear ready/dispensed), save the date, schedule reactivation
  • Method: Use the dropdown arrow to filter by all, sms, or email


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