The Message Queue Dashboard in your Weave Portal allows you to further drill down and view the status of your Automated Messages. Follow these steps to view your Message Queue.

The availability of this feature is dependent on your practice management software.

Access the Message Queue

  1. Click on the Schedule_Invert.svg Schedule icon from your Desktop App
  2. Click on Automated_Messages.svg Message Queue at the bottom right corner of your schedule to be taken to your Messages Queue Dashboard located in your Weave Portal

Here you can view the current data or from the previous week, including a Weekly Summary of those messages. 

Message Statuses

  • Delivered: Messages delivered to the patient/customer
  • Sending: Actively working on sending the messages, messages will be delivered within minutes.
  • Pending: Messages that are ready to send, but will send at a later time in the day.
  • Appointment Moved: Messages that were set to be sent out, but were no longer sent due to an appointment date changing or being moved.
  • Opted Out: Messages weren’t sent due to the patient being opted out of reminders in your management system or by responding STOP to a message.
  • Missing Data: Messages weren’t sent due to the patient missing the necessary contact information.


In your Message Queue dashboard, you can search and filter your results by the following: 

  • Method: Use the dropdown arrow to filter by all, sms, or email
  • Status: Use the dropdown arrow to filter by all, delivered, appointment moved, opted out, missing contact info, pending, sending, or error
  • Reminder Type: Use the dropdown arrow to filter by all, appointment, birthday, recall, order (eyewear ready/dispensed), save the date, schedule reactivation
  • Planned Send Time: Enter a time to filter (10:00 AM)
  • Actual Send Time: Enter a time to filter (11:00 AM)


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