Weave Phones are VoIP phones, meaning that they rely on a good internet connection to work properly. While many phone issues are individual to each office, network, and phone, following these steps can often resolve the problem.

Reboot the phone

Rebooting your phone is typically the best first step in troubleshooting any issue you are experiencing with your phone. Follow these steps to reboot your phone:

Option 1 

Yealink Phones Yealink Cordless Phones Polycom Phones

Press and hold the X key until you see a prompt on the screen. Press the OK soft key to confirm the reboot. The phone will then reboot. This process can take a few minutes to complete.

Option 2 (desktop phones)

Unplug the power cord from the back of your phone, wait a few seconds, and plug it back in. The phone will then reboot. This process can take a few minutes to complete.

Factory reset the phone 

To factory reset your phone:

Cordless Yealink phone (the base): Follow these instructions

Note: If a cordless phone asks for an admin pin, try 0000 before contacting support.

Yealink desk/wired phone: Press and hold the OK button

Polycom phone: Contact our support team to get help with the factory reset, as the phone may require a password to reset

Check your network

If you are having issues with all of your phones, there is a high likelihood that there is an issue with your network. Even if you can still use the internet on your computer, the issue could be a network problem. If your phones are ringing properly, but you are experiencing poor call quality during your calls, consider these tips to troubleshoot:

  • Have you gotten any new hardware in your office like a router, modem, or firewall? Be sure to have your IT rep configure your device using our Network Specs page.
  • Check to make sure the internet cables are securely plugged into the wall and to the handset. 
  • Check to make sure your internet provider is not experiencing issues. You can use downdetector.com to search for your internet provider and see if they are experiencing issues in your area. 
  • Check your internet speeds using speedtest.net. Keep in mind our internet speed requirements:

    Internet speed requirements
    Download Speed 200 kbps per phone (minimum)
    Upload Speed 200 kbps per phone (minimum)

    Note: If your internet speeds do not meet the minimum requirement you will need to contact your internet service provider about improving your internet speed or upgrading your service.

    If you continue experiencing problems, you may need to reach out to our support team.

    Common Phone Issues

If you're using a splitter and experiencing phone issues, remove the splitter before proceeding.

My phone is not ringing

If the other phones in your office are ringing but yours is not, consider these troubleshooting tips:

  • Check if your DND (Do Not Disturb) is enabled: Your phones are equipped with a DND soft key located along the bottom of your display screen. Look for a circle with a red circle with a line through it. If this key is pressed, it places your phone on Do Not Disturb. Simply press the DND key again to turn off Do Not Disturb. 
  • Try rebooting your phone: Follow these steps to reboot your phone. 
  • Add the phone to the proper Call Group. If a single device is ringing and shouldn't be, remove it from your call group.
None of the phones in our office are ringing
  • Check if Voicemail Override is enabled: If Voicemail Override is enabled, you will have a red VMO flag at the top of your Weave Desktop App. To turn off Voicemail Override, click on the red flag and toggle off Voicemail Override. 
  • Check your Office Hours: Make sure your Office Hours in your Weave Software Settings are set to Open. If your hours are set to closed, calls are routed to your voicemail box.
  • Check if Call Forwarding is turned on: If Call Forwarding is enabled, you will have a blue FWD flag at the top of your Weave Desktop App. To turn off Call Forwarding, click on the blue flag and toggle off Call Forwarding. 
  • Check to see if your internet is down: Do you have an internet connection on your computer? If not, then your internet is likely down. You can use downdetector.com to search for your internet provider and see if they are experiencing issues in your area. 
Phone says it doesn't have service
If you are seeing a "no service error," this is most likely an internet connection issue. Reboot the phone and make sure you have a fresh connection. Try physically moving the phone or plugging it directly into the router. If the issue is still not registering, try a factory restore. 
Phone is stuck on "Obtaining IP Address"
Try rebooting or factory resetting. Leave the phone unplugged for 30 seconds to access the factory reset if needed. Try plugging the ethernet cable directly into your router. Reach out to support for a possible replacement as needed.
The Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) light is not working 
  1. Make sure that the MWI lights are set up as expected for all of your phones
  2. Factory reboot the phone or try a network reboot by unplugging the phones
  3. Call the extension with the MWI issue and leave a test message. Hang up and listen to the message. Delete it. This may reset the MWI
My CallPop is not working
If your CallPop is not working, this is because the phone is no longer synced to your software. Follow these simple steps to resync your phone to the software
Calls drop after a few minutes
Try rebooting the affected phones. Check with your IT team to see if there have been any recent network changes. They may need to make adjustments to your router or firewall.
Phone is stuck on welcoming or initializing
Try unplugging the phone for a reboot. If this does not work, email Weave support.
My phone number is being marked as "Spam Risk" or "Spam Likely" on caller ID

In response to demands for protection from unwanted calls by consumers, mobile network operators, such as AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile, have provided tools to block calls or mark calls as spam. When a consumer uses these tools, the telecom carriers may flag future calls to other consumers from that number. The tools are controlled by the individual telecom carriers and their partners. As a result, Weave is unable to make any direct changes to ensure that your business’ calls are not marked as spam.

We recommend that you take the following steps to reduce the likelihood of your business’ calls being marked as spam by telecom carriers:

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