From Lists within the desktop app, you can quickly view all of your incomplete or completed Follow-Ups that have been set. For more information see Create Follow-Up Reminders

Follow these instructions for managing your Follow Ups List.

Using Your Follow Ups List

  1. From your desktop app, click on the Blue_Lists.svg Lists icon
  2. Select Clock.svg Follow-ups

    Tip: From here, you can view your upcoming Follow-Up Reminders in the Incomplete tab, and the Follow-Up Reminders that have been marked as complete in your Completed tab.

  3. Select a Follow-Up Reminder
  4. Click on the appropriate icon to:
    • Message.svg Take action on the Follow-Up Reminder (Call, Text, or Email)
    • X.svg Delete the Follow-Up Reminder
    • Check.svg Mark the Follow-Up Reminder as complete
    • Edit.svg Edit the Follow-Up Reminder
    • Pay.svg Send a payment reminder, add a card on file, or make a payment
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