From your Lists App, you can quickly view all of your incomplete or completed Follow Ups that have been set. For more information see Create Follow-Up Reminders

Follow these instructions for managing your Follow Ups List.

Using Your Follow Ups List

  1. From your Desktop App, click on the Lists_Invert.svg Lists icon
  2. Select Clock.svg Follow-ups

    Tip: From here, you can view your upcoming Follow Up Reminders in the Incomplete tab, and the Follow Up Reminders that have been marked as complete in your Completed tab.

  3. Select a Follow Up Reminder
  4. Click on the appropriate icon to:
    • Message.svg Take action on the Follow Up Reminder (Call, Text, or Email)
    • X.svg Delete the Follow Up Reminder
    • Check.svg Mark the Follow Up Reminder as complete
    • Edit.svg Edit the Follow Up Reminder
    • Pay.svg Send a payment reminder, add a card on file, or make a payment
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