Manage Your Messages Inbox

Manage your Messages Inbox with your Actionable tab, Message Tags, bulk actions, and more.

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Actionable Messages

Your Messages App will be organized by an Actionable or All tab.


The following messages can be found in the Actionable tab:

  • Drafts will appear at the top of list in italics

  • A blue dot Screen_Shot_2021-06-30_at_10.59.32_AM.png  indicates a new unread message

  • yellow dot Screen_Shot_2021-06-30_at_10.57.38_AM.png indicates a message has been opened by your office, but has not yet been responded to
  • A red dot Screen_Shot_2021-06-30_at_11.00.30_AM.png indicates a message that was undeliverable

Messages can be removed from and returned to the Actionable tab.

Remove from the Actionable tab Return to the Actionable tab
To remove a thread from the Actionable tab, click on the check mark next to the message thread. This will move the thread to the All tab.

Tagging Messages

Tagging allows you to assign a message thread to a department or team member.

Create a Message Tag

  1. Select the ellipses icon in the upper right hand corner of your Messages app
  2. Select Message Settings 
  3. Select Tagstag1.png
  4. Click Add New Tag
  5. Type in a Tag Name
  6. Assign desired team member(s) to that tag
  7. Click Save


Tag a Message

Once tags are created, you can apply a tag to your message threads:

Add a Tag Change a Tag Remove a Tag

To add a tag,

  1. Click on the blue ellipses icon next to the message thread
  2. Click Tag Message 
  3. Select the tag you want to apply

Filter Your Messages Inbox

Once tags are created and applied, you can filter your messages with your tag(s). 

To filter your inbox,

  1. Click on the filter icon Filter-Alt__1_.svg in your Messages app
  2. Select the tags you would like to include in the filter
  3. Click Apply 

Bulk Actions

Your Messages inbox includes the ability to Tag, Mark as Read, Mark as Unread, or Archive multiple messages.

  1. Click on the ellipses icon in the upper right corner of your Messages app
  2. Select the Actions 
  3. Select the messages you want to apply the bulk actions
  4. Select to Tag, Mark Unread, Read, or to Archive the messages


Note: Archived messages threads are removed from your messages inbox, but are not deleted. If the customer texts you, or you text that same phone number again, your thread will re-appear.

Show or Remove Automated Messages

Weave Plus/Integrated offices can now choose to show or remove automated messages from the All tab.

Note: This feature is dependent on your practice management software.

  1. Select the ellipses icon in the upper right corner of your Messages app
  2. Select Message Settings 
  3. Toggle on Mark as Read if you want to remove confirmed patient responses from the Actionable Tab.


Tip: You can also right click on a message to mark a message unread, archive or tag a message

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