Sending Picture Messages

Spruce up your communications by sending and receiving texts and images including .gifs and .jpegs (not .pdfs) through your Weave Messages App.

Sending Picture Messages

  1. Select Message_Invert.svg Messages from your home page
  2. Click on the + to compose a new message or use the search bar to resume a previous conversation.

    Note: You can search by customer first or last name.

  3. Compose your message, insert an Emoji.svg Emoji, or click on the Image.svg Picture icon to add a photo (.gif or jpeg)
  4. Drop and drag, or select an image from your saved files
  5. Click Send

If a photo has sensitive information, such as a credit card or insurance information, the photo can be downloaded or deleted by right clicking on the image.

Note: Weave will remind you about the risks of sending protected health information before you can send.

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