Sending Picture Messages

Spruce up your communications by sending and receiving texts and images including .gifs and .jpegs through your Weave Messages App.

Sending Picture Messages

1. Select Message_Invert.svg Messages from your home page

2. Click on the + to compose a new message or use the search bar to resume a previous conversation.

Note: Search by customer first or last name.

3. Compose your message, insert an Emoji.svg Emoji, or click on the Image.svg Picture icon to add a photo (.gif or jpeg)

4. If you are sending an image, you will first have to receive consent from the recipient.

Note: Weave will prompt you to send a consent request.

5. Once you receive consent from your customer, you can now drop and drag, or select an image from your saved files.

6. If a photo has sensitive information, such as a credit card, or insurance information the photo can be downloaded or deleted by right clicking on an image.

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