Send Quick Fill Appointment Messages

Quick Fill makes it easy to message your customers who need to get in for an appointment as soon as possible. Follow these instructions to use Quick Fill to easily fill last-minute cancellations or openings in your schedule.

The availability of this feature is dependent on your Weave bundle. Schedule a time with a Weave representative to learn more.

You have the option to send Quick Fill messages either in the Weave Portal or the desktop and mobile apps. If you don't see one option, try the other.

Legacy Desktop AppWeave app (beta) Mobile App

Add a Customer to the Quick Fill List

1. Click on the Blue_Lists.svg Lists icon 

2. Select QuickFill.svg Quick Fill

3. Click on the Plus.svg icon in the top right corner to add a customer to the list

Tip: There is no limit to how many customers can be added to the list, but only up to 10 can be selected to be messaged at one time. 

4. Search.svg Search or scroll and select the customer you would like to add

5. Add a note if desired

6. Click Add to List 

You can also add a customer to the Quick Fill List using the QuickFill.svgQuick Fill shortcut in their customer profile.

Tip: If you have Weave Unify, you can filter your patient or customer list by location.

Remove a Customer from the Quick Fill List

  1. Within QuickFill.svg Quick Fill, click on the customer name you wish to remove
  2. At the bottom of the page, select Remove From List

Note: A customer must have a note to be removed from the Quick Fill List in the desktop app. 

Send a Quick Fill Message

After adding customers to the Quick Fill List, you can send them a Quick Fill Message. Follow these instructions to send a Quick Fill Message.

  1. Check.svg Select the customers from your Quick Fill List that you want to add to the Quick Fill Message
  2. Click on Select Times
  3. Select Add Appointment Time to add an available appointment time
    • The first open time on your schedule will automatically populate here, so make sure to edit and add appointment times
  4. Click on the Edit.svg Pencil icon to edit the date and time
  5. Add any additional times if desired
  6. Click View Message

    Tip: You can select up to 3 appointment times at a time.

  7. Review the message
  8. If desired, edit the message by clicking on the Template.svg Template icon, or just type in the message box to change the message for the specific customer(s)
  9. If you edit the message through Templates, make your necessary changes and click Save Template
  10. Click Send

You will need to remove customers from the Quick Fill list manually after scheduling their appointment.

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