Set Up Recall Reminders

The availability of this feature is dependent on your practice management software

Automated recall reminders keep your chairs filled by sending out automatic reminders to your overdue patients. Customize reminders to go out via text or email, filter by location, and recall type.

Once your Recall Reminders are set up, you can view your Recall Analytics in your Analytics app in your desktop app. 

Setting up Recall Reminders

  1. Select the Menu icon in the upper right hand corner
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Select Auto Reminders
  4. Click on the Recall Reminders option
  5. Hover over a reminder to edit, duplicate, or delete an existing reminder
  6. Edit the reminder details, selecting Next to advance

    Note: Messages may take up to one hour to send.

  7. Select which locations to send to, or toggle on All to send to all locations
  8. Select the Recall Types you want to include in the campaign
  9. Click Save to finish

Note: Once your automated recall reminders are set up and toggled on they will queue up and start to send the following day. You can check your Auto Messages Queue to see when, and to who, your messages are being sent.




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