Weave phones work well with Sophos firewalls. This guide details the necessary changes for Sophos firewalls. There are several important settings to verify that the Sophos is configured correctly.


Use these resources to get started: 

  1. VolP Implementation Guide
  2. Traffic Shaping/QoS for VolP

Recommended Configuration Changes

  • Disable SIP ALG
  • Create a New Network Definition and Explicit Firewall rule with our Weave FQDN/IP Addresses that will be provided during onboarding
  • Go to Advanced Threat Protection and ensure you select our Weave IPs to ensure we can bidirectionally pass traffic without issue
  • Set up Traffic Shaping/QoS (we use DSCP 26(SIP) & 46 (Real-Time Media)) to prioritize voice traffic


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