Required Configuration for Peplink Routers

Weave phones work well with Peplink firewalls. There are several important settings to verify that the Peplink is configured correctly. This guide details the necessary changes for Peplink firewalls

Peplink Router Configuration

  1. Click the Network tab on the top navigation bar

  2. Click on Service Passthrough (under the Misc. Settings section in the lefthand menu)

  3. Set SIP to Compatibility Mode


When complete, continue: 

  1.    Click the Network Tab on the top navigation bar
  2.    Click on Application (under the QOS section in the lefthand menu)
  3.    Uncheck the Enable checkbox under DSL/Cable Optimization


peplink qos.png

Note: Disable Secondary WAN connection if there is one OR create rule to ensure that all phone traffic goes through same WAN interface (may not be necessary - unconfirmed until further testing)

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