Set Up Pet Appointment & Vaccination Reminders

The availability of this feature is dependent on your practice management software.

New integration features with AviMark, Cornerstone, eVetPractice, DaySmartVet, and ImproMed now make it possible to send recall reminders for pet vaccinations, and add the pet name to the recall and appointment reminders.

Set up pet appointment & vaccination reminders

  1. Select the Hamburger_Menu.svg Menu Icon in the upper right hand corner of your Weave desktop app
  2. Click on Settings.svg Settings
  3. Select Automated_Reminders.svg Auto Reminders from the menu

  4. Select Appointment Reminders or Recall Reminders 

    Note: Recall is the type of reminder you would use if you want to let an owner know that their pet is past due for a vaccination or another procedure such as an annual exam.

    *The DaySmart Vet integration with Weave does not support recall reminders. You will need to configure reminders for upcoming vaccinations via appointment types. Past-due vaccine reminders are not supported at this time.

  5. You can Edit.svgedit, Delete.svg delete, Copy.svg duplicate, current reminders or or enable/disable by clicking the TOGGLEGIF.gif toggle. You can click the button at the bottom of the screen to Add Reminder
  6. Advance through the set-up screens to choose the timing and type of reminder
  7. For Recall Reminders, advance to the Recall Types screen to select the recall or vaccination types you want to use for this reminder.
    • Use the search field to search for your vaccination or other recall type. Check the box next to all of the recall types pulled that you want to be sent this type of reminder.
  8. On the Edit Reminder screen, click on the Pet Name variable to add to your message. You can also add any other variables, including the Vaccine variable, that fit your message by dragging and dropping them into the space needed
  9. Click Save

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