You can manually add contacts individually in Weave using the desktop or mobile app. 

To upload multiple contacts see Upload Contacts via CSV.

Note: Adding a contact into Weave does not add them to your practice management software or Electronic Health Record.

Add a Custom Contact

Desktop App Weave app Mobile App
  1. Select the Blue_Patients.svg Patients or Customers icon in your desktop app

  2. Click on the Plus.svg icon located in the upper right corner of your contact list

  3. Enter the customer's information in the appropriate fields

    • First Name 
    • Last Name
    • Mobile Phone 
    • Email 
    • Add a field to enter a home phone, birthdate, or gender

    Note: If the contact does not have a mobile number, enter a primary phone number.

  4. Add a photo if desired
  5. Click Save

Tip: You can edit a manually added contact at any time by clicking the Edit.svg Edit icon in the upper right corner

If you would like to delete a contact that was added manually, go to the contact and select Trash.svg Delete below the contact information. If there is no delete icon, the contact was added via CSV or through your practice management software sync. You must follow the instructions on Upload Contacts via CSV or remove the contact in your PMS. 


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