Weave phones work well with Netgear ProSafe Routers. Follow the guide below to configure the Netgear to allow Weave traffic to flow correctly.


Traffic Shaping/QoS for VolP

Go to Advanced > QoS Engine. This will bring up your QoS settings (bandwidth management). Here is our information needed to configure:

Weave's FQDN: allow.us1.weavephone.net/

If the router doesn't support FQDN, you will need to add all of these Weave IP Addresses to your router/firewall (A list).

If you'd like to create rule sets based on specific ports, here are the ones we use:


443 (TCP) - Weave Software and Phone Configuration/Provisioning

5060/5061 (TCP/UDP) - SIP

5222 (TCP/UDP) - SIP Signaling

7000 (UDP/TCP - SIP Signaling

RTP Ports

16384-40000 (UDP) - Real Time Voice

Recommended Configuration Changes

  • Ensure SIP ALG is disabled (Netgear Portal > Advanced > WAN Setup)


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