Select Recipients for Email Campaign

To send an email campaign, you will need to select the recipients to whom you want the email to be sent. Follow these instructions to select recipients for your email campaign.

You will have two options for selecting recipients:

  1. Choose your list of customers within Weave by selecting a filtered group you have previously created (the availability of this functionality is dependent on your practice management software)
  2. Uploading a custom email list with a .csv file.
Select a filtered group Upload a custom email list (CSV file)
Depending on your integration with Weave, you can create a filter from your synced list of customers. Once your filters are created, you can select a filter group to use for an email campaign.

Tip: You can click + Add Filter to create a new filter for this email campaign.

Once you have your list of recipients ready, click send.

After sending the Email:

  1. You will receive confirmation that your email campaign has been sent
  2. (Optional) Click Save As Template if you would like to use it again

CSV Troubleshooting

If you get an error when trying to upload a custom email CSV file please see the list for issues that can cause an upload error:

  • The file type is not .csv

  • The column header with the email addresses does not say email (all lowercase)

  • There is a column heading that is blank, if so then delete all columns except the email column

  • Your CSV has more that 10,000 entries

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