Send and Receive Faxes

Weave's Fax feature is designed to be the easiest fax service you will every use. Never refill the paper tray again! Follow these steps to send and receive faxes through Weave.

This is a premium feature and may not be a part of your current Weave software.

Note: Before you can start using Weave Fax, you will need to port your office fax number over to Weave. See Port Your Phone and Fax Number(s) to Weave for more information about porting phone numbers to Weave.

Send a Fax (Desktop)

  1. Click on the Fax_Invert.svg Fax icon
  2. Click on the Plus.svg icon at the bottom right corner
  3. Type in the fax number you want to send the fax to in the Recipient field
  4. Select which of your fax numbers you want the fax to be sent from in the Sender field by using the Carrot_Down.svg dropdown arrow

    Tip: If you do not have multiple fax numbers, you will not see this option.

  5. If desired, type in a memo to be added to the cover sheet The cover sheet includes: 
    • The number you are sending to
    • The name of your office 
    • Your office fax number 
    • Date 
    • Page count
    • Memo (optional)

      Tip: If you do not want a cover sheet, click on the toggle toggle.png next to Include Cover Sheet to disable the cover sheet.

  6. Upload the file you want to send in your fax

    Note: Weave Fax accepts PDF, JPG, and PNG file types. See Fax Troubleshooting for more information about file format and size requirements.

  7. Click Next to generate the fax
  8. Select Preview if you want to preview the cover sheet and/or fax before sending
  9. Click Send to complete 

Once you have sent the fax, it will take you to your Sent column in your Fax App. If there are any errors with a fax delivery, it will say Failed in red next to the fax. Keep in mind that these will be normal fax errors. See Fax Troubleshooting more information about troubleshooting.

Send a Fax (Mobile)

You can also send faxes from your Weave Mobile App. This means you can take a picture with your cell phone and send the image via fax. Follow these instructions to send a fax from your mobile app. 

  1. Tap on the Fax_Invert.svg Fax icon
  2. Click New Fax at the bottom of your screen
  3. Tap on the photo icon to take a photo or select a picture from your photo library

  4. Once you have uploaded your image(s), click Next Step
  5. Type in the fax number you want to send the fax to in the Fax Number field
  6. Click Send Fax

Note: If you’re having trouble sending faxes with the mobile app, make sure your phone’s camera is enabled with the mobile app in the device settings.

Receiving Faxes

You will receive a notification when a new fax is received like this:


  • Click View to be taken to your Received list in your Fax App
  • Click Ignore to dismiss the notification

You can view received faxes in the Received tab at the top of your Fax App. Click into a fax for additional options.

From here, you can choose between the following options for the received fax:

  • Preview/Print
  • Forward
  • Download
  • Archive

Tip: Archived faxes will be removed from your Received list and can be found marked as Archived in your Fax History in the Weave Portal. See Archive, Unarchive, or Delete a Fax for more information about archiving faxes.

Manage Your Fax Inbox (Bulk Actions)

Bulk actions allow you to easily manage your Fax inbox by selecting multiple faxes at once.

  1. Select the More.svg three dots at the top right corner of your Fax App
  2. Select Select_All.svg Actions to select one or multiple faxes
  3. Select one of the icons across the top to:
    1. Mark as read or unread 
    2. Forward.svg Forward 
    3. Archive.svg Archive 
    4. Preview.svg Preview 
    5. Download.svg Download
  4. Click Done at the top right corner to complete the action

Looking for more? Learn the foundations of Fax in the Weave Academy course for Weave Plus or Weave Core depending on your product bundle.

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