Team Chat is a convenient tool for internal communications, including letting a co-worker know that their next patient has arrived or that lunch is here!  

Everyone in your office who has been added as a Weave User with a login and password will automatically be set up as a Team Chat Member. You will need to add them to any group chats or direct message lists your team uses.

Users can only access their private messages. No matter what the user role is, another member of the office cannot access your private chat or a group chat they are not a part of.

The availability of this feature is dependent on your Weave bundle. Schedule a time with a Weave representative to learn more.

Note: If your team has Weave Unify you can easily chat with team members in any location. You can select a user from any location to add to a group or to direct message.

To send a private chat to another member of your team follow these simple step by steps:

  1. Click into your Blue_Team-Chat.svg Team Chat icon in the desktop app to get started
  2. New unread chats will appear in the unread section at the top of your chats
  3. Click on the  Plus.svg sign next to Group Chats or Direct Messages to start a new chat
  4. Compose your message to your teammate(s)
    • Add emojis if desired by clicking the Emoji.svg Emoji icon

You cannot currently send images.

Tip: Team mates can turn on chat notifications to be notified when a new message is received. You can reply, view, or cancel in the pop-up notification by clicking Reply

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