Call Analytics in the Desktop App

Weave Call Analytics allows you to see the following data from your office: 

  • Call volume
  • Missed call data
  • Call tracking

To access Call Analytics:

Desktop App Weave Portal
  1. Click Analytics_Invert.svg Analytics 
  2. Select Phone.svg Phone

From here, you can use the Calendar.svg Calendar icon in the top right corner to filter the data by day, week, month, or a custom start and end date.

Use the Carrot_Down.svg dropdowns below the Incoming Calls section to see more information about your calls.

Tip: Based on your practice management system and Weave package you may have access to additional recall reminders and recall analytics

Note: To access Phone Analytics for a multi-location account, see this article.

Watch the video below to get an overview of phone call analytics.  


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