If you are taking advantage of Weave’s Automated Recall Reminders, you also have access to Recall Analytics, which allows you to identify how patients have responded to your recall reminder or identify outdated contact information.

The availability of this feature is dependent on your Weave bundle. Schedule a time with a Weave representative to learn more.

To find Recall Analytics:

Legacy Desktop App Weave App (beta)
  1. Click Blue_Analytics.svg Analytics on the home page
  2. Select Auto Recall

Click on one of the numbered circle graphs to see a list view of the data. Each list shows the name of the patient, the type of message that was sent (email or text), and the date the patient was last contacted. 

Click the date at the top of the Not Scheduled, Not Received, or Scheduled pages to change the date range you are seeing. 

The information appears both in the graph and list view on the page. Use the Filter-Alt.svg filter icon in the top right to select a different time period.

Within the report, you can see: 

  • Not Scheduled: Patients who received the message but did not schedule an appointment
  • Not Received: Patients who did not receive the message because the contact information was outdated
  • Scheduled: Patients who scheduled an appointment after receiving the message

Tip: In order to use Recall Analytics, Set Up Recall Reminders.

Note: If you are using Weave Unify for multi-location offices, you can filter your analytics results by location by logging into the parent account. 

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