Manage Voicemail or Call Forwarding Phone (Holiday) Overrides

Quickly manage your call routing for upcoming holidays and office closures in advance with the new Override Feature, allowing you to set a beginning and ending date and time for either Call Forwarding or Voicemail Override.

You must have the user roles of Super Admin or Advanced Team Member to access this feature. See your role.

Before you turn on Voicemail Override, record a voicemail greeting.

Note: You can only create one override at a time per location or department.

Weave Portal Legacy Desktop AppWeave App (beta)Mobile App
  1. Within the desktop app, select the Hamburger Menu.svg Menu icon in the top right corner
  2. Click Settings.svg Settings
  3. Select Phone.svg Phones
  4. Click Override
  5. Select the + Create Override button at the center of your screen
  6. Choose the Override Type (Send to Voicemail or Forward Call)
  7. Use the dropdown to choose a Voicemail Greeting or Forwarding Number
  8. Check the box if you would like to add a start/end time (Optional)
  9. If you choose to add a start and/or end time, use the dropdowns to choose dates & times

    Note: If you add a start time only, the override will stay on until you manually turn it off by clicking Remove Override in the portal, desktop, or mobile app. If you add an end time only, override will automatically turn on immediately and turn off at the end time.

  10. Select Create Override
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