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With Weave Digital Forms you can use and modify existing templates or create your own digital forms from scratch. You will need to be set up as an Admin for Digital Forms in order to create, edit or modify an existing form.

This is an add on feature and may not be a part of your current Weave software. Click here to learn about getting Digital Forms for your office. 

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You must have the user role of Admin to access the Forms dashboard.

How to Create a New Form

1. Select the Forms_Builder.svg Form Builder tab found in the Forms Dashboard (see Access Weave Digital Forms Portal)

Note: Forms can only be built on a desktop computer. Once built, you can send those Forms to customers who can fill out the form on a mobile device, iPad, or desktop computer.

2. Select the Plus.svg icon in the Forms section**

3. Click into the Untitled Form header and give your form a name

4. Click on the Edit__Simple_.svgEdit icon next to the Untitled section and give this section a name

5. Select a Primary Field or Element and drag and drop into the forms builder window from the right sidebar

Note: To request an image of driver's licenses or insurance cards, use the card capture field from the elements tab. This is not for credit card information.

6. Add a Field Label in the pop-up box. This is the title of the field and should be either a description or a question.

7. Toggle on or off Required to make this field required as desired

8. Click Add 

9. Create a new section by scratch or by selecting a template from below the fields you've added

Note: Forms that are longer than your computer screen will prompt customers to "Scroll down for more fields."

10. Once you are done with your form, select from the buttons at the top of your screen to:

  • Preview your template

  • Save form

The form will appear in the Forms section under the Forms_Builder.svg Form Builder.

**You can edit any form by going to the Forms_Builder.svg Form Builder and clicking on the form. Follow the same instructions to make changes and select Save.

Once your form is complete, you can send it to customers through your Weave Desktop App. Click here for instructions.

You can also combine multiple forms to create a packet. Click here for more information.

Tip: If incorrect information is populating in the finished form, make sure the user filled out the form accurately. Double-check that your form contains the right fields and text.

Delete a Form 

If you have old forms you created in the past that you no longer need, you can permanently delete them from the Form Builder. 

1. Select the Forms_Builder.svg Form Builder tab found in the Forms Dashboard (see Access Weave Digital Forms Portal)

2. Click on the form you would like to delete 

3. Select the Trash.svg Delete icon in the top right corner

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