What's New - April 2021

We've added a whole bucket of new features across our platform this month! These include phone tree management tools, new team chat features, voicemail enhancements, device management, call group management, and pet appointment and vaccination reminders.  

Phone Tree Management Tools

New phone tree management tools have been added to the Phone Tree settings in the Admin Portal.  Previously offices could only change the call forwarding number.  Now offices have the ability to change the menu routing instructions as well. Click here to learn how.  

New Team Chat Features

Let your teammates know that your availability to chat by setting your chat status. Customize to your own situation, letting your team members know if you are free, in a meeting, with a patient, our out of the office using your chat settings. The Team Chat enhancements also include a new ‘unread’ section, and the ability to direct message more than one team member. Click hereto learn more! 

Voicemail Enhancements

Voicemail Greetings in the Admin Portal have been changed to Voicemail Boxes.  This change gives offices additional functionality. Weave customers can now change the name of their voicemail box, manage voicemail settings, and enable email and sms voicemail notifications as an easy way to access voicemail outside of the office. Click here to learn more.

Device Management

Customers now have the ability to customize several their phone device setting themselves, without having to call support! These new settings give you the ability to rename your device, turn call waiting beep on or off,  customize the ring back length, set your voicemail message indicator light, and select the default voicemail box for each device. Click here for all the details.

Call Group Management

Call Groups is a brand new setting in the Admin Portal that gives Admins and Advanced Team Members the ability to manage and edit existing call groups.  Previously these changes could only be made by calling support. Check out our new instructions here.

Pet Appointment and Vaccination Reminders


New Integration features with AviMark, Cornerstone, and ImproMed now make it possible to send recall (vaccination) reminders for pet vaccinations and add the pet name to the recall (vaccination)  and appointment reminders. Click here to learn more!

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