Ready to install your cordless Yealink phones? Follow these instructions to get them set up.

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Tip: For phones located next to a computer, you will want to connect them with your software to enable Weave's CallPop feature. Click here for instructions.

Phone Parts

Your W56H Cordless Phone will come with the following parts that are needed during installation:

  • W60B or W70B Base
  • W56H Handset (including a battery)
  • Charging dock for the W56H Handset
  • Power Cord
  • Ethernet Cord

Installation Instructions

  1. Plug the ethernet cord into the back of your base and then into an ethernet port on your router

  2. Plug the power cord into the back of the base and then to a power outlet

  3. Plug your charging dock’s USB cord into the USB Power Block, and then into a power outlet

  4. Put the battery into the back of the W56H handset and put the back cover on, it will automatically turn on once the rechargeable battery is connected properly

  5. Place the phone on the charging dock to charge

Once all of the lights are solid green on your base, the phone and the base will check for updates. If there is an update, the base and phone will automatically begin to update. Updates can take anywhere from 8-20 minutes.

If the handset says unregistered, follow the instructions below to register the handset.

Registering the Handset

If the handset says unregistered, you will need to manually pair the handset to the base. To pair the handset to its base station,

  1. Click and hold down the Wifi symbol on your W60B base station for a few seconds until the green light next to the phone icon starts to blink
  2. On your w56H handset, click on the top left soft key to select Reg to register the handset
  3. If it asks for a PIN, dial 0000

Your handset will then be paired to your base. We recommend placing a test call to ensure that the phone is connected properly.

Note: If you have multiple cordless handsets and bases, it might ask you which base you want to register to. It will show the MAC Addresses of the available bases. Check the MAC Address on the back of the base to which you wish to pair and select that option on the handset.

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