Here are some of the most common phone customization features that are available with your new Weave phone system.

Customizations you can set up yourself

Call Forwarding

You can forward all inbound calls to any number yourself by turning on your call forwarding in your Weave Software. For instructions, visit our Call Forwarding article. 

Note: If your forwarding phone number is provided by another service provider, Weave is unable to provide support beyond ensuring the call is sent to the designated forwarding phone number.

Hold Music
You can customize your hold music in your Weave Portal. For instructions, visit our Hold Music article.
Phone Display Names and Extension Settings
You can customize the display names and extension numbers of your phones in your Weave Portal. For instructions, visit our Device and Extension Settings article. 
Voicemail Notifications
Weave can notify you via email and text if any new voicemail messages have been left on your general or personal extension voicemail box. Visit the Optional Customizations section of our Set Up Voicemail article for instructions. 
Line Keys (Yealink Phones Only)
Choose the quick actions that your phone buttons complete by customizing the line keys on your Yealink Phone.

Customizations Customer Support can help you set up

Note: If you are no longer in the Onboarding process, contact customer support to enable the phone customizations you'd like as listed below. Please allow 3 business days for phone customization feature requests to be activated. 

Call Group / Ring Group

This allows you to set only certain phones to ring with incoming calls. If no one answers, then the call can go to voicemail or roll over to other phones in the office. 
Contact our Support team to set up a call group. Once created, you can edit your existing call groups in your Weave Portal. 

Contact Directory
Save contacts to your phone directory to easily access frequently dialed phone numbers. These will save only to your device. You do not need to call support to do so. You can also create contact directories to share with all the Yealink phones in your office.
Phone Tree (IVR)
A phone tree allows you to route your callers into a menu. This can be used for calls during open or closed hours. 
Contact our support team if you would like a phone tree set up. Once created, you can edit your existing phone tree in your Weave Portal. If you have Main Line enabled, you can create your own phone trees.
This allows you to see if other extensions in your office are in use or are free to transfer a call to. 
To set up Presence Mode, contact our Support team. 
Speed Dials
Your phones usually have a few extra keys near your display screen that are not being used. These can be programmed as speed dials for your frequently called phone numbers.
To set up Speed Dials, contact our Support team. 
Paging allows you to make an announcement to all phones in the office. 
Contact our support team to enable paging on your devices.

Tip: Paging is different than Intercom. Intercom allows you to make an announcement on another phone in your office. This is a feature automatically programmed into your phones and does not require any setup to use. Click here for more information.

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