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Weave phones work well with DD-WRT routers. There is typically just one important setting to verify in the DD-WRT configuration. To ensure that no additional firewalls will interfere with phone traffic, it is necessary to verify that the DD-WRT router is receiving an internet routable (public) IP address on its WAN interface. 

You can verify the public IP by following the steps below.

Check for a public IP address on the WAN Interface

  1. Login to the DD-WRT configuration page
  2. On the System Information page, locate the the router's WAN IP address (see image).

Note: Verify that the WAN interface is receiving a public IP address. If the IP address begins in 192.168.X.X, 10.X.X.X or 172.16.X.X-172.31.X.X then the router is not receiving a public IP address and you should contact your ISP to put your modem in bridge, DMZ, or PPOE mode.  

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