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Weave phones work well with Meraki routers. There are typically multiple important settings to verify and configure in the Meraki configuration.


Use these resources to get started: 

  1. VolP Implementation Guide
  2. Traffic Shaping/QoS for VolP

Recommended Configuration Changes

  • Verify that WAN Interface is receiving a public IP Address
  • It is mandatory that the phones are statically assigned an address, either programmed into the phone or by a DHCP server. If the Meraki is doing DHCP, on the same individual client page select the drop-down bod and set the address to Fixed
  • On the Individual Client page, select Whitelisted as the policy for each VolP Device
  • Set up Traffic Shaping/QoS (we use DSCP 26(SIP) & 46 (Real-Time Media)) to prioritize voice traffic
    • Change bandwidth limit to Ignore per-client limit (Unlimited) and set Priority to High
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