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Weave phones work well with Meraki routers. There are typically multiple important settings to verify and configure in the Meraki configuration. In order to ensure that no additional firewall will be interfering with phone traffic, it is necessary to verify that the Meraki router is receiving an internet routable (public) IP address on its WAN interface.

You can verify the public IP by following the steps below.

Check for a public IP address on the WAN Interface

  1. Login to the Meraki configuration page

  2. On the Appliance status page, locate the the router's WAN IP address (see image).

Note: Verify that the WAN interface is receiving a public IP address. If the IP address begins in 192.168.X.X, 10.X.X.X or 172.16.X.X-172.31.X.X then the router is not receiving a public IP address and you should contact your ISP to put your modem in bridge, DMZ, or PPOE mode.

On the Client Page, Go to Network Wide > Clients


3. Locate and click on each individual phone


4. On the individual client page, select Whitelisted as policy and then select Save


Note: It is mandatory that the phones are statically assigned an address, either programmed into the phone or by a DHCP server. If the Meraki is doing DHCP, on the same individual client page, select the drop down box and set the address to Fixed. Document the IP address because you will need it in a future step.



Each phone should look like something like this.


5. Browse to your Networks Device and go to, Security Appliance > Monitor > Traffic Shaping


6. Select Add > Voip & Video Conferencing > All Voip & Video Conferencing


7. Change Bandwidth limit to Ignore per-client limit (Unlimited) and set DSCP tagging to #46, Set Priority to HIGH


8. Next you will need to add the Static IP addresses of all the phones, they need to be Static - each custom expression is entered as: localnet:

9. Continue adding all IPs until you are completed


10. Once Completed, Click Save Changes


11. Go to Security Appliance > Content Filtering and add Whitelist Address (Please reach out to your onboarding contact for the list of IP addresses you need to allow) and click save

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