Create a New Email Marketing Campaign

To send an email to many patients or customers at once, you can create a new email marketing campaign. 

The availability of this feature is dependent on your Weave bundle. Schedule a time with a Weave representative to learn more.

To begin, go to the Weave Portal and select Updates.svg Email Marketing from the left navigation bar

  1. Select Campaigns from the Carrot_Down.svg dropdown menu
  2. Click the New Campaign button in the upper right-hand corner to start your new campaign
  3. Next, select Use a Template (default templates included) or Start from Scratch
  4. Complete the required fields below
    • Campaign Name: Give this campaign a name that helps you easily identify it

    • Subject: Enter the text you want to show in the ‘Subject’ line of the email

    • Reply To Email: Enter the email address you want replies from recipients to be sent to. This is automatically filled from your Office Email in Use. Currently, Emails are sent from a no-reply email address.

    • Headline: This is the Header for your email and will be at the top of your email’s body

  5. Adding Images: (Optional)
    1. Click the Plus.svg to add a business Logo
    2. Click the Plus.svg to add a Banner image to your email. You can select from the Weave image library or upload your own.

    Note: Images must follow these requirements:

    A logo image will resize to a height of 100px. There is no set limit for logo width. The photo will resize best if your image is a height of 200-300px. The image will be shrunk down to 100px tall but will look nice and clear in the campaigns that are sent out.

    Marketing images that you upload to the media gallery for use in your campaigns resize to a width of 640px and a height of 339px. 

    Acceptable formats for all images are .jpg, .png, .img and .jpeg. PDF files are not supported.

  6. Complete the Body Text (required).
  7. Add a Call to Action Button (optional) if desired
    • For example, if you want them to Visit Website, you can check the box to include a clickable button that will take the recipient to a link of your choice. You will add the URL to the Button Link field.
  8. Verify your business information. If this is your first campaign you will need to complete the required business information.
  9. Click the Preview button to view a preview of what your email will look like
  10. (Optional) Click the drop-down arrow to send yourself a test email, it can take a few hours before it is delivered
  11. Click Select Recipients to advance to the next screen where you will pick who you want to send your campaign to
  12. Choose to send the campaign immediately, or select the Carrot_Down.svg dropdown for schedule send options

Note: Our email marketing feature is limited to 5 campaigns per month and a max of 3 test emails for each campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to link text within body copy or the banner image?

  • Links can be added in the text. Google maps links will populate the address at the bottom of the email.

Is it possible to change the layout of an email campaign?

  • It is not possible to move the elements at this time.

Can more than one Call To Action be included?

  • Not at this time.

Can a patient sign up to receive marketing emails?

  • Not at this time. The office can only send marketing emails to existing patients through the Weave Portal. Patients can opt out if they wish.
Troubleshooting Tips

Having issues getting your emails to send? Try these steps:

  • Try using the Weave Portal in Google Chrome
  • Make sure there are no missing or broken images that need to be updated in the email campaign settings 
  • If you are using a CSV, make sure it has properly uploaded
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