Create a New Email Campaign

To send an Email to many patients or customers at once, you can create a new Email campaign. 



  1. Click See What’s New for a tour of the newest features
  2. Click the New Campaign button in the upper right-hand corner to start your new campaignCreating_a_new_email_campaign_1.png
  3. Next, select Use a Template (default templates included) or Start from ScratchCreating_a_new_email_campaign_2.png
  4. Complete the required fields below
    • Campaign Name: Give this campaign a name that helps you easily identify it

    • Subject: Enter the text you want to show in the ‘Subject’ line of the email

    • From Email: Enter the email address you want your email sent from for future functionality Currently Emails will be sent from a no-reply email address.

    • Headline: This is the Header for your email and will be at the top of your email’s bodyCreating_a_new_email_campaign_3.png

  5. Adding Images: (Optional)
    1. Click the Plus.svg to a business Logo
    2. Click the Plus.svg to add a Banner image to your email. You can select from the Weave image library or upload your own.Creating_a_new_email_campaign_4.png
  6. Complete the Body Text (required), the rich text editor is in beta Creating_a_new_email_campaign_5.png
  7. Add a Call to Action Button (optional) if desired
    • For example if you want them to Visit Website, you can check the  box to include a clickable button that will take the recipient to a link of your choice. You will add the URL to the Button Link field.Creating_a_new_email_campaign_6.png
  8. Verify your business information. If this is your first campaign you will need to complete the required business information.Creating_a_new_email_campaign_7.png
  9. Click the Preview button to view a preview of what your email will look like
  10. (Optional) Click the drop-down arrow to send yourself a test email, it can take a few hours before it is delivered
  11. Click Select Recipients to advance to the next screen where you will pick who you want to send your campaign to

Note: Our email marketing feature is limited to 5 campaigns per month and a max of 3 test emails for each campaign.


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