All staff members in your office who will be using Weave must have their own login with their own user email and password. This is a HIPAA requirement for security purposes. This article explains how to add, edit, or delete a Weave user.

Note: Weave representatives cannot create new users or delete or change the role of current users. This function can only be done by a Weave Admin in your office. Contact your office administrator if you need a new user added.


You can add and manage users in your Weave Portal. Select the appropriate tab below for instructions to add, edit, or delete a user.

Add a New User Edit a UserDelete a User

Add a New User

Note: With Weave Unify, you can manage users for all locations, including setting the location access and permissions for each location. You must be under the parent location to do this. Learn how to change locations.

  1. Click the Hamburger_Menu.svg menu icon at the top right corner of your desktop app
  2. Select User.svg Weave Portal to open up the Weave Portal in your internet browser

Note: For best results use Google Chrome. Windows Explorer is not supported by this application.

3. From the menu on the left, select Settings.svg Account

4. Select Users from the dropdown

5. In the upper right corner, click the Add User button

6. Add the Email of the new user. Each user needs their own unique emails address assigned to their account

Note: If you are adding a user with an email that was previously added to the account and removed, an extra page will pop up to notify you that the email has been used before. Scroll to the bottom and confirm by clicking Send Invite. The team member will still have to finish creating the account before any edits can be made. 

7. Click Next 

8. Fill out all of the fields for the new user

Note: If you are using Weave Unify, toggle on Activate All Locations or search and toggle on each location you would like the user to have access to. Use the dropdown next to each toggle to choose a role.

9. Use the Mobile Access toggle to decide whether you would like the user to have access to Weave through the mobile phone app

Tip: Users can be assigned multiple roles. You can view the permissions for each role by clicking on the info icon Info.svgnext to Roles and Permission.  

10. Click Submit and an invitation email will be sent to the user


11. Instruct the team member to pull up the email from SendGrid to finish creating their account. Make sure they check their spam folder if they don't see the email. 

Tip: If your team member is not receiving the message because the email entered is not correct, try deleting and creating a new user with the correct email.

Once the team member finishes creating their account, they will be able to log into Weave.

Tip: Users under the Team tab have finished creating their account and have access to Weave. Users under the Invitations tab still have not yet finished creating their account.

User Roles

Each user must be assigned at least one role. Multiple roles can be assigned to a user. To view a chart with the permissions granted to each role:

  1. Open the Weave Portal
  2. Select Settings.svg Account from the left menu 
  3. Click Users in the dropdown
  4. Select the Edit.svg Edit icon next to any user 
  5. Click the Info.svg info icon next to Roles and Permission

Note: A user admin can change password settings, but does not possess the full role of admin.

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