You can check the status of your Payments Account, access your Stripe dashboard, and change your Business Information.

For instructions to edit your email address for your payment & refund notifications, click here.

This feature is only available to U.S. customers.

Access Your Payments Settings

You must have the user role of Super Admin or Payment Admin to access. See your role.

  1. Log into the Weave Portal
  2. Click Pay.svg Payments from the menu on the left-hand side
  3. Select Settings from the dropdown menu

Check Your Stripe Account Health

In your Payments Settings, you can check your Stripe account health under the Merchant Account.

Your Stripe account health is represented by an Active (green dot) or Inactive (red dot) status next to Payments and Payouts.

You also have access to your Account ID and the Account Type.

Text to Pay Authentication Requirements

Choose whether you'd like to require customers to authenticate with a birth date to view invoices or other documents via Text to Pay requests. By toggling this setting off, industries that don't collect customer birth dates can allow customers to access attachments without authenticating.


Allow customers to use Affirm as a payment plan option at checkout by leaving this toggle on within the Payments Account Settings. You may want to turn this toggle off if you have an exclusive contract with another "buy now, pay later" service. For support questions related to Affirm transactions, please visit the Affirm Help Center or email

Edit Your Public Business Information

The Public Business Information allows you to change or edit your Business Name, Email Address, and Phone Number. This is the information your customers will see to help them identify your office is the one processing a payment.

  • Business Name: Your business name should be listed so that customers can quickly identify where the payment request is coming from.
  • Email Address: Your email address should be listed so that customers can contact you for questions or issues with the payment. 

    Tip: This email address is also where your payment and refund notifications will be sent. To edit the email address, simply change the existing email address to the new address you want and click Save Changes.

  • Phone Number: Your business phone number should be listed so that customers can contact you for questions or issues with the payment.
  • Statement Descriptor: This will be on your customers' transaction history on their credit card statements.

Access Your Stripe Dashboard

Clicking on the blue Stripe Dashboard Alert.svg will take you to your Stripe Dashboard. This is where you can change your banking details.

Once you are in your Stripe Dashboard, select Payouts to see the transactions that will be or have been deposited into your bank account you have on file. If you need to change the Bank Account information, click the blue edit icon.

Clicking on Account in your Stripe Dashboard will allow you to edit the following information:

  • Account Representative
  • Business Details
  • Payout Details
  • Add another Member

The Account tab is also where you can change the email address where your payment notification emails will be sent. You can also change or update the phone number used to authenticate yourself as a user if you want to update your bank account information.

To change either of these, click Edit Email or Mobile Number then click Update next to either the Email or Mobile Number.



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