Firewalls, Routers, and Modems Compatible with Weave

Our engineers have performed testing of network equipment and routing scenarios to help you have the best possible experience with the Weave service.

Please note that this information is provided as a courtesy. You are responsible for ensuring that minimum technical requirements for installation and provision of the Weave service are met. Additionally, you are responsible for any additional configuration and maintenance of network equipment to meet your requirements, such as security settings, firewall deployment, or other operational requirements, including, but not limited to changing default passwords and periodic hardware, software, or firmware updates.

Weave Recommended Firewalls, Routers, and Modems

Please remember to take the following tips into account:

  1. Check the age of the current firewall and make sure that it is not at the end of life and can receive firmware updates.
  2. Make sure that the firewall is sized to the office, meaning that it can handle our phones, the practices computers, cell phones, and any other endpoints like guest wifi devices.
    • It’s always best to go to the manufacturer's website to make sure the firewall can handle all the endpoints and features you will be using.
    • Please note that Sonicwall SOHO & Watchguard T10 firewalls are for homes and small business and in most situations are not ideal for doctor's offices.
    • Offices that would like to use a Meraki x64 need to be conscious of the hardware sizing requirements and throughput capabilities of the Meraki platform.
  3. If you are going to enable any firewall security features, make sure the firewall has sufficient resources to handle that as well. If you are having voice quality issues, we recommend disabling security features (DPI, Intrusion Prevention, Filtering, etc.) to see if that makes a difference. We often find that bandwidth-heavy security features on delicate voice traffic can be problematic.

Streaming Devices

Take streaming devices such as security cameras and music devices into account when configuring your network. If you are running these devices, you'll need to prioritize Weave traffic over the others by implementing Quality of Service on your Router. 

Universal Network Requirements

Common Network Firewalls

**Weave preferred firewalls 

Network firewalls with known issues:

  • Peplink

Common Network Routers

**Weave preferred routers

Network routers with known issues:

  • Apple Airport - No adjustable settings
  • Netgear Nighthawk - SIP/VoIp handling issues
  • Motorola SBG-650 - doesn't handle RTP traffic well at scale
  • Ubee modem/router (Time Warner) - Catching issues with RTP Traffic
  • Verizon FiOS G1100/G3300 - SIP ALG can't be disabled which causes VolP issues



Internet Service Provider Modem Model Router/Firewall Required
AT&T NVG 599 or higher Not Required
Century Link Zyxel c1000z or higher w/ability to enable bridge-mode Yes
Comcast ARRIS Surfboard w/ ability to enable bridge-mode; Comcast Business Gateway modem w/ ability to enable bridge-mode Yes
Time Warner Motorola Surfboard w/ ability to enable bridge-mode; Other modems w/ ability to enable bridge-mode Yes
Other ISP* Modem with ability to enable bridge-mode; Able to setup pseudo bridge mode Yes

Modems with known issues: 

  • Comcast Technicolor Modem: SIP ALG cannot be disabled when the device is placed on bridge mode

Other Routers and Firewalls

Other Routers and Firewalls
Mikrotik Network Router Configuration Unknown
Endian Network Firewall Configuration Unknown
Cyberoam Network Firewall Configuration Unknown
Layer 3 (smart) Switch Network Switch Configuration Unknown

Note: If your modem, router, ISP, or firewall does not appear on the list above, contact Weave to verify compatibility with a network audit.

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