Getting around Phone in the Desktop App

Easily place, receive, and view call logs in the Phone section of the Weave Desktop Software. 

Choose from the tabs at the bottom to navigate to:

  • Recents - see inbound, outbound, and missed calls in a concise list view
  • Patients/Customers - a comprehensive list of your customers or patients with a quick-dial functionality to save you any embarrassment from dialing the wrong number
  • Dial Pad - makes it easy to dial from your computer (your phone must be synced to access the dial pad)
  • Voicemail - listen to your voicemails through your computer speakers or headphones

On the Recent Calls page, you can see the status of each incoming call by the color of the name or number:

🔴 Red shows calls that were missed.

🟡 Yellow shows abandoned calls, which means the caller did not make it to your voicemail greeting.

 ⚫️ Black means the call was answered by someone in your office.

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