While many routers do not require setting specific rules for traffic to flow freely between Weave's servers and your Weave phones, some firewalls do require specific rules to allow traffic to flow, uninterrupted and unfiltered. 

This is especially critical if your firewall regulates outbound network traffic in any way (examples: URL blocking, domain filtering, DPI, etc.) For routers/firewalls requiring that specific rules to be created (see our router/firewall matrix to determine if your router/firewall is included), we recommend creating the following rules that allow unrestricted and unfiltered traffic between Weave's servers and your phones.

  • Outbound Firewall Rule - Allow All Traffic (Unfiltered) to Weave's servers 
  • Inbound Firewall Rule - Allow All Traffic (Unfiltered) from Weave's servers

Many firewalls now allow you to use an FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) in your rule-set.  Weave highly recommends that you use this in order to add all of our many IP addresses in one rule.  This will eliminate the possible need to constantly update IP addresses on your firewall/router, as Weave continually grows and adds new servers and IP addresses to our pool.

Please reach out to your onboarding contact for the list of IP addresses you need to allow.

Please note that this information is provided as a courtesy. You are responsible for ensuring that minimum technical requirements for installation and provision of the Weave service are met. Additionally, you are responsible for any additional configuration and maintenance of network equipment to meet your requirements, such as security settings, firewall deployment, or other operational requirements, including, but not limited to changing default passwords and periodic hardware, software, or firmware updates.

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