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Inbound & Outbound Calls on Your Mobile App

Take calls on-the-go through the Weave Mobile App. 

You must be granted access to the Mobile App in order to log into the Mobile App. If you want to change the mobile access permission settings for a user, you will need to edit their user access settings.

You cannot transfer calls between a desk phone and the mobile app at this time.

Enable or Disable Inbound Calls

iOS Android
  1. Click Setting_Invert.svg Settings from the home screen
  2. Select Phone 
  3. Toggle on TOGGLEGIF.gif Receive Incoming Calls 

There will be a Caution prompt that will pop up, read through that before clicking Ok

Once you have clicked Ok the toggle will change from gray to blue. Blue will mean receiving incoming calls’ is turned on. 

If at any time you need to turn that off you can come back here and toggle it off.

Incoming Calls

iOS Android

Now that your Receive Incoming Calls is turned on, this is what it will look like when a call comes through to your mobile phone.

  • When someone is calling your office phone number, it will show the customers name and will show that it is Weave Audio calling. You can X.svg Decline or Check.svg Accept the call.

  • Once the call is Accepted to be able to see the customers information, click on the Weave Icon in the bottom right corner.

  • Now that you have clicked into Weave, you will be able to see more about who is calling with their name, gender, age and activity status.

  • It will show the customers Previous Visit Date and the Next Visit Date. Making it easy for you to reference that information.

  • At any point while you are on the call and you need to access the Key Pad, click the blue Keypad.svg Key Pad button.

  • When you need to return back the main page, click the red X.

  • By clicking on the the Pause.svg pause button, you can hold the call. Keep in mind, it will only hold the call on your phone. When it is active, it will turn from blue to green.

  • You will be able to place the call on speaker by clicking on the Speaker.svg button in the middle.

  • At anytime during the call, you can mute yourself by clicking on the microphone with a slash through it. It will only mute your side of the call.

  • When the call is completed, you can select the red End Call button to end the call.

Note: Mobile App call quality can be fixed by solving any network issues or switching to the mobile carrier. If you're not receiving any incoming calls, make sure call groups you expect to get calls for include your mobile user.

Outbound Calls

  1. Click Phone_Invert.svg Phone 
  2. Directly return any calls by selecting the number on the Clock.svg Recent Calls page
  3. Select a profile from the Call tab and tap on the Phone.svg Phone icon
  4. Click on the Keypad.svg Dial Pad icon in the bottom right corner of the Call tab and enter the number you’d like to call
  5. In the Voicemail tab, click on a voicemail and the Phone.svgPhone icon to return the call

Tip: If you're having trouble placing a call, check your wifi connection or switch to data. Try reinstalling the mobile app to the newest version and check your phone for software updates. If this does not work, contact support. Select the Phone Icon from the main page to access three different ways to place a call. 

Bluetooth Phone Calls

To make and receive calls you will need to connect your bluetooth speakers or headset to your mobile phone before making the call. This may vary based on the make/model of the blue tooth device.

Placing Bluetooth calls

  1. Select your phone Settings icon
  2. Select the Bluetooth from the menu
  3. Make sure the Bluetooth is toggled ON

Receiving Bluetooth calls

  1. Select your phone Settings icon
  2. Select Accessibility
  3. Tap on the Touch Option
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the Touch screen and click on Call Audio Routing
  5. Change this setting to Bluetooth Headset

Now calls will come into your headset whether you answer them through your headset’s answer button or the Check.svg Accept button on your phone screen.

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