Need help with your Auto-Messages? Follow these common troubleshooting steps and tips.

The availability of this feature is dependent on your practice management software.

For instructions on getting started with setting up your auto-messages, click here

Status of Automated Messages

Need to check the status of one or multiple automated messages? Click here for instructions on using your Messages Queue to check the status of your messages. 

Automated Messages are not going out

If your Auto-Messages are not sending out, consider these troubleshooting tips:

  • Was your server turned off? 
  • Was your server updated? 
  • Did you update your Practice Management Software? 
  • Do you have any of the days to send messages options selected?

If yes to any of the above, please chat or call our support team to let us know this information. For the quickest results, please be ready for us to do a remote session with you and have access to your server.

Email Auto-Messages not going out

If a client lets you know they are not receiving email messages, check to make sure you have the correct mail in the patient/customer profile in your management software.

Check to see if the client has unsubscribed from email in the past, blocked the office address, or checked their spam folder for the emails. Have the client add your office email as a contact. 

Once a month, you'll receive an email summary to see if emails failed to send. You can also check to see which email the reminders were sent from in that email or on the Auto-Messages page in your legacy desktop app settings.

Appointment Reminders are showing the wrong time

Are your appointments showing an hour or two off? 

If so, check the timezone on your workstation and server computers. Ensure that timezones on both the workstation and servers are set correctly, and then restart the Legacy Desktop App. 

Daylight Savings Time

Your server’s time settings affect when automated messages are sent, the times listed for your appointments, and more. To ensure correct timing for these crucial Weave features, update your time settings based on the type of server your office uses.

  • If you have an in-office server:
    Make sure that the time on your server is correctly updated to Daylight Saving Time, or that it has settings in place to automatically update once the time change takes place.
  • If you have a cloud-based or remote server:
    Contact the business hosting your server to make sure that the timezone is set in such a way that it will update to Daylight Saving Time.
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