Create automated texts and emails for appointment reminders, recall reminders, eyewear ready reminders, and birthday messages. 

The Missed Call Text is the only Auto-Message available in the Weave Core Elite & Pro bundles. If you have Weave Plus, more Auto-Messages are available to you. See what Weave bundle you have. 

Getting Started

Before setting up and customizing your Auto-Messages, you will need to set your Data Sync Settings (except for Missed Call Text).

Gain confidence in Auto Reminder foundations by completing the Weave Training Camp course before you dive in.

You have the option to choose if Auto-Messages go out to all mobile numbers assigned to a contact. If recipients wish to edit how they are contacted for messages, they can edit within their Text Communication Preferences

Set Up Auto Messages 

Before you begin, see what types of auto messages you can set up.

  1. Within the Weave Portal, choose Message.svg Messages from the left navigation menu
  2. Click Auto-Messaging in the dropdown

    Tip: You can also use this page to see how many messages of each type have sent and are forecasted to send using the "Last 7 days" and "Next 7 days" columns.

  3. Select the message type, click the More.svg More icon next to the message, and Edit.svg Edit 

    Note: You can also choose New Auto-Message in the top right corner to start a fresh Auto-Message

  4. If applicable, choose the locations this Auto-Message should be assigned to to avoid repetitive auto-messages configured in your system. You must have access to the location to apply it.
  5. Within the dropdown, use the toggle TOGGLEGIF-(2)_1.gif to turn the message on/off or click the name of the auto-message to edit
  6. Follow the prompts to adjust these settings (There may be some variation while editing or creating different message types.):
    Auto-Messaging Title

    Click on the title to open the text box editor.

    When to Send
    Use the text boxes, radio buttons, and/or dropdowns to adjust when you would like the message to send.

    Note: If a message is triggered to send outside of allowed When to Send hours or during restricted hours, it will send at the beginning of the next allowed time frame.

    For Missed Call Text, instead of using When to Send, use the Office Status filter to change the behavior of this message based on when your office is open or closed.

    If you choose the Selected Days option in the dropdown (available for some auto-messages), the message will go out the chosen number of days before, not counting any days that are not checked below. For example, an appointment reminder set to go out 2 selected days before the event with Saturday and Sunday not checked will go out on Thursday for an appointment on Monday.

    Filter Your Auto-Message

    Use the + icon next to each filter to add it to the message. Click the More.svg More icon to the far right of the filter to edit the settings.

    Appointment status has the options of attempted, checked-in, confirmed, in-office, completed, unconfirmed or unknown (based on PMS integration).

    For the Missed Text auto-message, you'll need to filter by Office Status

    Learn more about Advanced Filters

    Delivery Method
    Click whether you’d like the message to be delivered via text message or email.
    What is the Scope of This Message
    Choose whether the text message should send to all numbers associated with a patient or just their preferred mobile number.
    Compose Auto-Message
    Click each dropdown to edit the title, headline, message body, and footer (for email) by using the text boxes. Drag and drop the dynamic fields into your message for personalized information. Click Attach Form to choose a Digital Form that should accompany the message. Any message will automatically be saved as a template for future use. You can also decide if you would like the option to add an Individual (Spanish), Family, or Family (Spanish) options by clicking the + icon next to each message type.

    Note: As soon as a setting is saved, the message type cannot be changed

  7. Select Update when you are finished

See any edits that have been made to an auto-message by clicking the More.svg More icon on the far right next to the name and selecting Edit History.

Auto-Message Settings in Weave App (beta)

Learn how to access the Weave app (beta).

    1. Within the Weave app (beta), click the Settings.svg Settings icon in the top right corner
    2. Select Messaging from the left navigation menu
    3. Use the toggles to adjust the following settings:
      • Mark Confirmed Replies as Read: When a contact replies to your auto-message with a confirmation, the message is automatically marked as read and does not appear at the top of your inbox.
      • Auto-Message Inbox Visibility: When an auto-message is sent to a contact, their message thread will be moved to the top of your inbox.

You can also click Manage Auto-Message to quickly begin creating and editing your auto-messages in the Weave Portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a hyperlink be added to automated message?

Yes. Remember, some phone providers and cell phone providers break templates over 160 characters into multiple messages. This can cause hyperlinks to break, so you can try shortening the template or sending the hyperlink in a following message to your clients.

Which birthday will a message be sent on for a vet office?

The birthday message will go out on the pet's recorded birthday.

What auto-messages are available for customers on a Weave Core bundle?

The Missed Call Text is the only auto-message available for Weave Core customers.

What triggers a Missed Call Text?

A caller will receive a missed call text if the call is not picked up by the office or if they abandon the call.

Will a customer get a Missed Call Text for every call made?

A Missed Call Text will only be sent for their first missed call in a day. This restarts every calendar day at midnight, so if their call is missed the next day they will receive another message.

Why aren't Missed Text Auto-Messages sending out?

If the name of the break, lunch, or custom event changes in your office hours setup, the Missed Text message will need to be set up again with the new name.

What patients will receive a birthday message?

Any active patient in your practice management system will receive a birthday message from your office.

If a customer responds to an email auto message, where does the email go?

If the office email you're using for auto messages is valid, the reply will go to your Office Email in Use set in the messages settings. If not, it will be sent to the no-reply Weave email address (

If a contact has two different appointments in a day, will they receive two reminders?

If you have different auto-messages set-up for each appointment type, they will receive a reminder for each appointment as long as the appointments are different. If only one auto-message is set-up to encompass all appointment types, the customers will just receive a reminder for the first appointment.

An example of situation could be pre-operation and post-operation appointments on the same day. Because they are different appointment types, you would need to set up a different auto-message for each type in order to send two separate reminders.

Can we send out appointment emails to more than one phone number for a customer?

Auto messages (including birthday wishes) are sent to every number listed for a customer, unless the scope is changed within the message settings.

What filters can be added to auto messages?

There are several advanced filters to add to any auto message. Learn how.

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