Create automated texts and emails for appointment reminders, recall reminders, eyewear ready reminders, and birthday messages. 

The availability of this feature is dependent on your practice management software.

Getting Started

Before setting up and customizing your Auto Reminders, you will need to set your Data Sync Settings.

Gain confidence in Auto Reminder foundations by completing the Weave Training Camp course before you dive in.

Reminder Types

Once your Data Sync Settings are set up, you can customize and enable your Auto Reminders.

For more information about the various types of Auto-Reminders, visit the following articles:

Note: The availability of some of these Auto Reminders depends on your practice management software.

You can also create family and Spanish templates to meet your customers' needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a hyperlink be added to automated reminders?

Yes. Remember, some phone providers and cell phone providers break templates over 160 characters into multiple messages. This can cause hyperlinks to break, so you can try shortening the template or sending the hyperlink in a following message to your clients.

If a customer responds to an email auto reminder, where does the email go?

If the office email you're using for auto reminders is valid, the reply will go to your Office Email in Use set in the messages settings. If not, it will be sent to the no-reply Weave email address (

Can we send out appointment reminders to more than one phone number for a customer?

Since we can only have one mobile number listed for each patient, that is the only number an appointment reminder will be sent to. 

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