Message Templates allow you to send messages even faster with a precomposed message. Follow these instructions to rename or edit your message templates or create as many new templates as you would like.

  1. Select the Template.svg Template Icon found at the bottom of any customer message thread
  2. Select from a precomposed message template by using the search bar and click Edit or Select Add New at the bottom of the screen
  3. Type a name for the template at the top of the screen
  4. Compose your message by clicking in the text box, and add any applicable variables by  dragging them into the message
  5. Preview your message to make sure it looks correct
  6. Click Save 

You can not currently add images to message templates.

Note: Some phone providers and cell phone providers break templates over 160 characters into multiple messages. This can cause hyperlinks to break, so you can try shortening the template or sending the hyperlink in a following message to your clients.

Looking for more? Learn the foundations of Message Templates in the Weave Training Camp Message Course: Modernize Your Customer Communication With Messages.

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