Add Family Templates to Appointment Reminders

Note: Family Reminders are only available to offices that have a family structure set up in their practice management software. In order for the family reminder to work, the parent or guardian’s mobile number must be entered as the child’s mobile number as well.

Weave will consolidate appointment reminders in one text for any family members that have appointments scheduled on the same day and confirm all family members' appointments upon receiving a positive reply. 

In order to group messages for families, the reminder must:

  • Go to the same phone number
  • Be sent on the same day
  • Be for members who have appointments on the same day 
  • Have all family appointments on the same reminder

Adding Family Templates to Appointment Reminders

  1. Select the Hamburger_Menu.svg Menu icon in the top right corner
  2. Click on Settings.svg Settings
  3. Select Automated_Reminders.svg Auto Reminders
  4. Select Appointment Reminders
  5. Click Add Reminder or edit an existing reminder by hovering over the reminder and selecting the Edit.svg Edit icon
  6. Fill out the reminder details and select Next to advance through the screens

    Note: SMS must be selected as the reminder type to see the Family Reminder Template

  7. Edit the default family template by typing or dragging and dropping variables to the message. The default message lists the first appointment time

    Tip: If you want the appointment times listed for each of the family members, you will need to remove the Time variable and replace it with the Times variable.

  8. Scroll down to preview the message and click Save




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